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Previous MWCs


British Masters have been participating in the Masters World Championships going back almost to the very first event in the 1980s. In this section, we have reports going back to Grindelwald, Switzerland in 1999. We also have the three Best-of-all-time lists for BMCCSA members: men, ladies and relays, which give all performances of our members (for which we have records), shown as a percentage of the winner's time in their category. Finally, there is a report of the one and only World Masters Winter Games at which British skies have participated.


MWC events
Best of all time

This section shows all the results available for BMCCSA member in MWCs, listed in order of percentage of the time of the winner in their age category. The category winner is not always the fastest skier over the distance, and this explains why, sometimes, one BMCCSA member has a faster time but a worse percentage than another member, because the winner in the first member's age category skied more quickly.


           World Masters Winter Games


The World Masters Winter Games are held once every five years with, last taking place in Seefeld, Austria, in 2020, see the report below. The next event will take place in Lombardia, Italy, in 2024, and more details will be added once they become available. To the best of my knowledge, British cross-country skiers took part in 2010 in Bled, Slovenia and again in Seefeld 2020, but not in Quebec 2015.

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