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LRNSC roller rules - REVISED

With the experience from first British and Southern Series race, LRNSC has changed its policy on which roller skis are permitted in LRNSC races. The page sets out to explain what is now permitted and what isn't.



LRNSC was concerned that not everyone either owns, or likes racing on, MARWE 610s or 620s with US6 wheels (the specified skate rollers for 2022). The idea behind the rule change is to allow people to use other makes of roller ski, somewhat fasters than 610s with US6 wheels, but without a return to "rocket" rollers such as Roll-X, Eagles or hard polyurethane wheels for Alutechs.

The amended rules below apply not only to wheels but to bearings. It is not permitted to change bearings either, e.g. to ceramic bearings from "rocket" wheels.

The organisers of LRNSC races reserve the right to exclude participants using rollers which are demonstrably faster than 'training' rollers, and may also exclude participants who do not allow their rollers to be tested.

Permitted rollers - skate (seniors only)

Skate rollers: MARWE 610s with US0 wheels, and other makes of roller ski having no faster speeds than US0 wheels.

Permitted rollers - classic (seniors only)

Classic rollers:  SWENOR Alutechs with No. 2 wheels, and other makes of roller ski having no faster speeds than No. 2 wheels. Rollers must have ratchets on one wheel per ski. The table (accessed by clicking the link below) shows roller skis and wheels considered as no faster than No. 2 wheels:

Permitted rollers (Junior races)

Juniors are required to use the same roller skis as in 2022, namely MARWE 610s/620s with US6 wheels (skate) and SWENOR Alutech with No. 2 wheels, or other rollers which are no faster than these.

The spirit of fair competition

The success (or not) of these new provisions relies on racers adhering not only to the specification of the rules but also the spirit. The idea is that everyone races fairly on broadly equivalent equipment. We hope that all racers will agree to stick to the spirit in which these rules have been made!

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