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Previous British Series

The British Roller Ski Series, in its current form, has been running since 2004, when Paddy Field asked Jonty Summers from the LRNSC and Peter Thorn from the Huntly Club to restart a GB Series. Thanks to results kept by Peter, all overall British Series results back to 2004 are presented here.

In 2004, the scoring system gave 30 points for 1st place, but for 
2005 and 2006 it changed to the FIS World Cup system starting at 100 points. From 2007, after discussion, the points system was changed to its current form, starting at 50 points for a win, giving less of an advantage for winning a race and producing closer Series positions.


From 2004 to 2007 there was only one, U18, junior category, but in 2008 this was divided into U18 and U14. The Veterans (40+) category was introduced in Scotland in 2007, but it didn't become a British Series category until 2009, while the Super veterans category (60+), which had been recognised by BMCCSA since 2013, didn't appear in the Series until 2016. A para category was first introduced in 2022.

The British Series therefore now recognises 11 categories: Junior youth (U14), Youth (U18), Senior (18 and above), Veteran (40+) and Super veteran (60+) (all in male and female), and para.

This page presents only British Series standings. Scotland has its own Series and, from 2009, the Youth and Junior youth categories were subdivided into U18 and U16, and U14 and U12. If you are interested in previous Scottish Series standings, either contact Peter (, or you can work them out from the Scottish race results shown in the British Series tables.

In September 2004, Bob Lacy from Scotland was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. Bob took part in cross-country and biathlon races for many years as part of the RAF team, but in the years leading up to 2004 he was one of the main people creating and running the British Nordic Development Squad (BNDS) and bringing it up to the level it is at now. In 2006 (TBC), the Bob Lacy memorial trophy was instigated as a perpetual trophy, held for year by the best male skier over 40 in the race designated as the British Championship.

There was no GB Series in the Covid years of 2020 and 2021 (although there was a reduced Scottish Series (3 races) in 2021). The British Series resumed in 2022.


















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