Masters World Championships 2022

As of now, the Masters World Championships, Canmore, 2022 are going ahead, between Thursday 3rd March and Saturday 12th March. More details will be given later, and it is currently too early to register to race but, for the latest information, visit the website.

The organisers are suggesting that no one books flights until the event is formally confirmed in September. If you're interested in participating, please contact me (, with no commitment at this stage.


Below is the accommodation list and location map. Except where otherwise states, prices are per room, not per person, but they do not include meals. Please feel free to suggest the sort of accommodation you're be interested in and the price, but note that I can't guarantee any particular accommodation. Once I have an idea of numbers, I will make a group booking, with none of the deposit repayment problems of Cogne.

classic tracks.png