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This page is used to announce new things, such as the calendar of roller ski races and race results.

Lots of new things on the site now:

The MWC 2022 was successfully held in Canmore, Canada, in March. See the full report under

"Previous MWCs":


We have a brand new article on improving technique and balance in skating!

The 2023 MWC will take place in Seefeld, Austria, in March. See full details here:

The 2022 British Roller Ski Series is now underway. See the full

calendar here:



Once every five years the World Winter Masters Games, our 'Olympics', take place.

In 2020 they were in Seefeld, Austria. Find the report at:                                                     .


Finally, and enjoy it because it doesn't happen very often, I've added some new

photo galleries!