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This page is used to announce new things, such as the calendar of roller ski races and race results.

Lots of new things on the site now:

The MWC 2020 in Cogne, Italy, was cancelled because of Covid19. There is a report of sort, but it is

mainly about corona viruses and Covid19. See "Previous MWCs"


2021 MWC in Canmore, Canada postponed until March 2021. See more details at



Once every five years the World Winter Masters Games, our 'Olympics', take place.

In 2020 they were in Seefeld, Austria. Find the report at                                                     .


Most roller ski races and events are cancelled, at least for now. You can see the calendar of main

roller races here, but you should contact the organisers to find out whether a particular race is

going ahead. Note that the LRNSC event at Olympic Park has also been cancelled.

Finally, and enjoy it because it doesn't happen very often, I've added some new

photo galleries! 

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