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About the BMCCSA




Masters cross-country skiing is for anyone aged 30 and over. Many different events, local, national and international, recognise masters categories, although different events may use different categories (five-yearly age groups in the World Championships, ten-yearly age groups in the British Championships, over-40s, over 60s, and so on).


The British Masters Cross-Country Ski Association (BMCCSA) was formed in 1986, and it exists mainly to allow British skiers to take part in the annual Masters World Cup (effectively the Masters World Championships, see the link). Its Newsletters provide information on forthcoming events (especially the MWC and roller ski races), gives race reports and results, and offers advice on skiing technique and fitness. Some of the longer-lasting articles and event reports are given on this website, which also gives links to ski clubs in Britain and other websites of interest.


The BMCCSA is aimed predominantly at people wanting to race, but this covers anyone from complete beginner to potential World Champion. Most members come from Britain but membership is open to people from any other country. Although masters racing starts at 30 (or 40 in some events), membership is open to anyone of any age who has an interest in cross-country ski or roller ski racing.


Membership costs just £5 per year and this includes two Newsletters. If you want to race for Britain in the Masters World Championships, you need to be a BMCCSA member. To become a BMCCSA member, click on the link below to go to the Joining page.


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